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Monday, March 2, 2015

More Legal Stuff

Epic is suing Indian consulting firm, Tata, alleging that the consultants were stealing information from the UserWeb and passing it to an Indian EMR vendor. While Epic is the big fish in the American pond, Tata is bigger still, and their lawyers don't sound like they're willing to be pushed around.

The discovery process for the lawsuit promises to be interesting--Epic is going to have to prove its allegations (if my armchair-lawyer experience is correct), and their fiercely private stuff will have to get public scrutiny. A linked article from the link above explains how to view legal documents for free, and encourages everyone to read Epic's legal stuff. If Epic is forced to operate in a more public manner, they might have to start treating their employees and their customers with a little more trust and respect.

I expect Epic will drop the case, unless Judy (in her role as Obama's crony on the Federal Health IT Advisory Panel) is able to get some special confidential privileges.

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