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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Rumors of the Blacklist

The Blacklist. It hangs over everyone who gets kicked from leaves Epic, but nobody knows what it entails--including me. We've all heard rumors though, and here's the compilation of those. Feel free to chime in with anything you've heard.

-Banned from Epic campus--means no UGM, no more certifications, no more increasingly expensive and decreasingly tasty lunches.

-Epic won't take your phone calls when you're working at a customer site.

-When Epic is on-site, you can't attend meetings where Epic personnel are involved.

-Can't get a job at any of several major companies/recruiting firms.

-Can't renew certifications--no NVTs.

-submission from a reader: "I was told by a TL that Judy will personally call the CEO of firm you are applying to and ask him to not hire you."

Again, none of this is substantiated by anything. It's all just hearsay. I'll correct it and add to it as information comes my way.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

A Comment from someone Formerly Of Epic

I'm a former employee with with several questions about the non-compete.

1 - Applying to management positions at firms like IBM, Accenture & Deloitte -- will these companies know I have a non-compete if I don't tell them?
2 - Applying to management positions at firms like IBM, Accenture & Deloitte -- if I tell them in the application I have a non-compete, might they hire me anyway, e.g. they ask me what the non-compete is, and I lie that it strictly forbids me from EMR jobs? Or are any known to hire ex-Epics before 1 year, in spite of the non compete?
3 - Same question as 1, but what if I'm applying for entry level "technology consultant" positions (the kind that, as entry level, don't specify in the job description whether it's EMR or something totally different)
4 - Same question as 2, but what if I'm applying for entry level "technology consultant" positions
1-IBM, Accenture, and Deloitte all know about the non-compete. They will ask you about it, and if they don't ask you about it immediately, when do they do ask you'll be in trouble. Misrepresenting yourself on a resume has some consequences.
2-Honestly, I don't know. If anyone finds out, leave a comment. I had luck with a non-Epic-partnered vendor getting a job at a hospital helpdesk. It was far enough outside of Epic to escape their notice, but close enough to keep my knowledge relatively current.
3-By all means, go for it.
4-See Response 2.

It is better to be honest about your non-compete. Those that don't care will let you know, and those that do will keep track of you and try to recruit you when the non-compete expires. If you lie about anything, that can be grounds for termination and possibly legal action.

I had good luck with Technisource in Waunakee/Milwaukee. If you apply there or if they approach you, leave a comment here and I'll put in a good word with the Technisource honchos. Comments go to my email first, and I read my email a lot more often (several times a day) than I update this site.

Once the non-compete expires, I've got a list of good recruiters and bad recruiters. That's something for a future post though.