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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Consulting Firms to Avoid

I'm tired of getting spam from certain firms, so I'm going to start calling them out in public.The list so far:
  • Med Career Advisors
  • Patriot Consulting (mentioned in the comments)
  • Profero/Advantage Consulting (see comments)

Med Career Advisors (www.medcareeradvisors.com--not a hyperlink because I don't wish to drive traffic their way. If you want to check out their website, copy and paste.)

Here's why I recommend against them: I received an email from them a couple weeks ago, on my work email account. (Strike 1--it's bad form to poach, and really bad form to email a potential person on their current employer's email address.) I respond, saying that I'm not looking for new consulting gigs. I rather like where I am right now. The email says I was referred to them by someone, so I ask for the name of the referrer--it's got to be someone I work with, I assume, since who else would know my current work email address? They avoid the question saying they don't give out that information. Policy is policy, so it's an answer I can live with. (We can call that a foul ball. Strike 2. I would like to know who's tossing my name out there so I can correct their behavior; I don't want my boss to mistakenly think I'm looking for new jobs.) I don't respond, because I've said what I need to say.

One week later: same form email, same sender, to my same work email address.Strike 3, and they're out. This time, my work's email flagged the sender as junk email.

Share your own bad experiences in the comments.

This is something that just bothers me about the industry as a whole: the constant pushing for referrals. I still get calls from consulting firms that go like this: 
Consulting Firm: "Hi Anonymous, I ran across your resume in our database and I'm wondering if you're interested in a new position."
Me: "No, I'm in a full time position. I'm not seeking a change right now."
CF: "Do you know anyone who is?" 

It reminds me of how the D.A.R.E. classes we had to take in elementary school described drug pushers. The dealer would get a hold of you, and before too long you'd be trying to get all your friends hooked, doing the dealer's work for him.

It stands to reason that the only people I know in the industry are my current coworkers. By definition, they're currently employed. Furthermore, it's just not good to talk about seeking other employment while on the clock. The only time I find out that my coworkers are seeking new employment is after they announce their two week's notice. At that point, they almost always have plans for their next engagement.

It just bothers me when consulting firms want me to do their recruitment for them. I don't work for these companies, so what's in it for me?