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Thursday, November 7, 2013


If you ignore the ridiculous amount of effort needed to implement ICD-10, and the consistently-delayed deadlines, ICD-10 can be hilarious.

With diagnoses like V95.40XA, Unspecified Spacecraft Injuring Occupant, Initial Encounter and W55.3, Contact with non-horse, non-cow hoof stock; it's hard not to chuckle once in a while.

Enter Struck By Orca, ICD-10 Illustrated. Featuring full-color artwork from more than 30 artists, it shows some creative interpretations of the more interesting causes of morbidity that will be available to clinicians this time next year (or the year after that, depending on CMS's procrastination).

At only $20, I think this should be in every waiting room in every clinic across the country. Order now and get it in time for Christmas.

According to the site's admin, the project has a few ex-Epic folks involved. I'm assuming some of them are sitting out their non-compete year. That non-compete year is a great opportunity to get in touch with your inner creativity, as well as put project management skills to use by taking an abstract idea and turning it into a solo art exhibition. There is absolutely nothing preventing you from creating GANTT charts in gouache.

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