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Thursday, July 30, 2015

Cerner gets DoD Contract

Full story over on healthcareitnews.com. Since Judy has all the appearances of a shady businesswoman (see my previous posts on the subject), I'm pleased that she did not win the contract. Since there's been so much conflict of interest with other stuff, given Judy's presence on Obama's EHR group, I'm glad that in this situation, Epic gets to be above board.

Anecdotally, Cerner is garbage, and the DoD has admitted faulty software choices in the past. In 5 years, I expect they'll be transitioning to Epic.


  1. I accidentally deleted a comment. It read: "Definitely loved how madison.com quoted your "Cerner is garbage" line in a write-up on Epic employee reactions to the DoD contract."

    I searched their website, but couldn't find the article mentioned. Link please?

    1. I have to admit: It's pretty cool being quoted. A loyal reader sent me the link to the article. (Thanks, Mom!)

  2. I suspect there were some unhappy times at the next staff and division meetings following this announcement.

    1. Can confirm the ensuing meetings were tense. Judy took time in one of the staff meetings to discuss the lost contract/deal/whatever. The explanation amounted to

      Cerner got the deal because they have executives who are friends with decision makers for the DoD and Cerner's partners had history with DoD. Epic is the better product and if the decision was merit based Epic would have got the contract but ...

      I found it strange that an executive felt the need to explain the "sale that got away" to a bunch of grunts but it happened. What is more, the monologue came across very strongly as an instance of "thou dost protest too much."

      Of course the majority of the crowd left grumbling about how Cerner and the Dod are corrupt.