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Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Epic's Customers

I've been working on a list of Epic's customers. I thought it might be useful to those seeking employment after their non-competes have expired. I struggled with how to format it in a useful manner, and then decided just to throw in the towel. It's better to teach folks how to do research than to do the research for them. (Also, more than any other post I've published, this caused no small amount of fear of Epic instituting some kind of shady repurcussions that would affect my current employment.)

Anyway, I used these search terms in google:
And then I just read the comments on various articles and if that triggered further searches, I rolled with it. One such comment on a nursing blog said this:
you can download an app in your iphone "mychart" it will show you the states that have EPIC program

The MyChart app is available on Android now, and it lists each organization by the state that they serve.

If it's full time work you want, start your job search with a trip to the app store of your choice.

And if anyone else wants to publish a full or partial list, I'll link to it.


  1. Do you have experience working as an independent Epic consultant, or has it always been through Epic consulting firms (Nordic, Sagacious, Vonlay, etc)?

    1. My consulting experience is just through one particular consulting firm, after which I went full-time with an Epic client.

  2. For live customers, MyChart should work, or you can also reference Epic's list of Care Everywhere organizations, available on their website. I seriously doubt anyone goes up without either these days, thanks to MU requirements.

  3. What are consulting opportunities like for those that were employed by Epic customers, got certified in a module, and went through every phase of the go-live?

    Are opportunities better for those that worked for Epic?

    1. In my day job, I see consultants of both stripes. The ex-Epic consultants aren't necessarily any better than those who started with an Epic customer. I've also seen ex-Epic consultants do abominable build, and ex-customer consultants who couldn't tell me what an INI was.