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Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Happy Returns

I've been maintaining this blog for over three years now, and I've had Google Adsense running on it from the get-go. This month is the month where I've finally crossed the minimum payment threshold. That couldn't have happened without you, my loyal readers.

Adsense's ToS prevents me from outright asking for people to click on the ads, but I do offer my heartfelt thanks for those who've done so voluntarily.

With my new-found wealth, I think I'll probably purchase the Struck By Orca book, and possibly even buy myself a nice meal from the dollar menu at my local fine dining establishment.

Also, I'm starting to get spambot comments. That's a solid marker of success. If I didn't publish your comment and you're not a spambot, it's because you put some hyperlink in your comment. If you want your comment to be published, either don't include any links, or make the link relevant. I'm not going to publish your comment if it includes a link to your blog about cat-shaped coffee mugs, if the rest of the comment is just praise for how awesome this blog is. If you want to praise me, great! Just don't include random links. If you have something meaningful to say about Epic, the trials and tribulations of Epic consulting, or if you have inside information (like you've been to a recent Epic all-staff meeting), I might be more inclined to post your comment, cat blog link or not.

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  1. Congrats! I remember I got my first Adsense check in like 2 months. Then, it took my 2-3 years to get my second one. Then, I struck EHR gold and have gotten one every month since. It's a tough business though, so I feel your pain.