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Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Go-Live Gone Wrong, Continued

I saw a co-worker reading this: Epic Installation Proves More Expensive, and I read the article over his shoulder. It's a follow up to the Go-Live Gone Wrong article that I wrote about a while back. In a testament to the state of modern journalism, the only new fact is that Maine Health is spending $55 million dollars more, solely because of Epic. Most of the money is for training and retraining users, with the remainder being used for the previously planned rollout of Epic throughout the organization.

 The comments on the article are interesting--especially the one about Stockholm Syndrome amongst Epic's customers. While technically Epic doesn't have a monopoly on the industry, free-market principles don't apply to EMRs. It is just too expensive (in dollars and hours) to take one's business elsewhere if an EMR vendor doesn't deliver.


  1. Any insight on the class-action lawsuit from Evan Nordgren? Sounds like he's pursuing overtime pay for QAers.

    1. Hot damn, that's a gold mine. I hadn't heard about that, but I knew it was only a matter of time before Epic got hit with something like this.

      I think this class-action lawsuit merits its own post, so stay tuned.